Royal Hawaiian Center

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A mix of luxury, history, and comfort, the Royal Hawaiian Center reached out to Redefined.Media to create a commercial spot for their time slot on American Airlines. The Royal Hawaiian Center is monumental in Hawaiian history. It was our mission to communicate the story of the center alongside exploring the different amenities the center offers: food, shopping, and culture.

In collaboration with Brogan Tennyson Group, we worked hand in hand in production--devising the concept, figuring logistics, casting models, and providing both photo and video coverage.


30 Second Royal Hawaiian CENTER Commercial Spot

Featured on American Airlines

Royal Hawaiian Center Lifestyle Photos




∙ Creative concepting
∙ Directing
∙ Producing
∙ Location scouting
∙ Video production
∙ Video editing
∙ Color grading

30s spot for American Airlines ∙
90s spot for web and socials ∙
Lifestyle photos ∙

Andrew Tran