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First stop, Zippys? You got that right.

A Hawai`i staple, the thought of Zippys dishes--their classic chili, crispy golden chicken, and satisfying orange bang--trigger cravings like no other. Iconic to say the least, our projects with Zippys to produce commercials for their Thanksgiving, New Years, and Easter specials were ones that felt close to home. Our Hawaii roots have enabled us to understand the meaning of ohana and it’s connection with food’s significance in welcoming families together during big or small events.

Producing our Zippy’s commercials were full-scale and an opportunity we were stoked to take on. With multiple moving parts, from styling and set design to plate placement and cutting the right slab of turkey or grabbing the perfect piece of konbu maki, these thirty-second spots are some of our proudest works so far.


Zippy’s Thanksgiving Special

Zippy’s New Year’s Eve Special

Zippy’s x eater for youtube




∙ Creative concepting
∙ Directing
∙ Producing
∙ Video production
∙ Video editing
∙ Color grading

30 Second TV Ad for Thanksgiving ∙
30 Second TV Ad for New Year's Eve ∙
Zippy's x Eater for Youtube ∙